Patricia A. Lucey, M.D.

Specialty care physician, board-certified in dermatology

Stay Skin Healthy advisor

My background

I specialize in melanoma and pigmented lesions and skin cancer prevention and detection, as well as general dermatology, surgery and cosmetics. I completed medical school at the George Washington University and my dermatology residency at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

Why this mission is important to me

I became interested in skin cancer because of my family history of melanoma. Early in my medical training, I recognized the importance of early clinical detection and regular full-body skin examinations, which can be lifesaving, especially in high-risk patients with many abnormal moles or those with a personal or family history of melanoma.

My goal is to provide thorough cancer screenings and use dermoscopy and digital photography to prevent and catch melanomas at their earliest stages. I also want to educate patients and their families about the dangers of sun exposure and tanning bed use, as well as the importance of regular screening.

Headshot of Doctor Patty Lucey